10 Things Only People from Texas Will Understand

Texas is one of the most interesting states in the Union. It is so unique that most newcomers to the Lonestar State need a crash course in the vernacular and history just so they can get around Irving.
At TeamLine, we know that when it comes to things only Texans understand, the following are ten of the most endearing:

1. H.E.B. stands for E.Z. Shopping.

HEB Grocery Store in Irving, Texas

HEB Grocery Store in Irving TX

There is nothing they don’t have, and if they don’t have it, just inform managers and the next time you go in, they just might carry it.

2. Speed is King.

Aeirial view of traffic and overpasses

Aeirial view of traffic and overpasses

Texas is a big state and it takes a lot of time to drive across it which is why the legislature made the speed limit on highways 85 mph. It makes the trips go a little faster.

3. “Don’t Mess with Texas.” Or, mama for that matter!

Don't Mess with Texas

It’s not just a slogan; it’s a way of life. Texans are fiercely independent and loyal to the state, to family, and to close friends.
4. Cowboy Hats are Mandatory. OK, not really, but you will feel a lot more comfortable when you put on a Stetson and stroll down the street. While you’re at it, pick up a pair of cowboy boots and discover just how comfortable they are.

5. Football is a Religion.


Whether you are watching the Cowboys, college, or high school, football is simply a way of life in the state.

6. Ice cream and lemonade are staples.

Lemonade and Ice cream

It gets hot in Texas, and there’s no better way to cool down than with a big bucket of Blue Bell ice cream and a pitcher of sweet lemonade.

7. Chili: The Hotter the Better.

Spicy Chili

Chili Wars erupt in neighborhoods throughout the state every year. It’s inevitable that someone is going to brag how hot their chili is, and their neighbor is going to take that as a challenge.

8. You Haven’t Tasted Real BBQ Unless Youv’ve Been Here.

Texas Style Barbecue Pit

Ribs, brisket, pork shoulders, you name it. If it’s meat, Texans know how to barbecue it to perfection.

9. Manners Matter. Texans are rather polite.


“Please,” “Thank you,” “Yes, Ma’am,” and “No, Sir,” are part of every conversation.

10. “Y’all” are Going to Love Texas.



“Y’all” meaning “you all” is a friendly way of saying “Welcome to Texas.” Y’all are going to love it once you settle in!
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