All your teamwear and sports gear in one place.

For over 20 years, TeamLine has been providing coaches, players and parents with the finest in sports apparel, uniforms and teamwear. Our experience ranges from school sports to corporate events. Our expertise includes in house state-of-the-art screen printing and custom embroidery.

Over the years, we have adopted new technologies that make ordering more convenient and cost-effective. Today we are able to print low quantities and even one-offs and special orders with the same quality, speed and competitive pricing as high-volume orders.

We also have a highly experienced staff whose primary goal is to make sure that all orders meet stringent quality assurance procedures. Delivering on time, on budget and at a level that surpasses our customer’s expectations is what we do best.

For love of the game.

Charles Anderson sold his sporting goods manufacturing company in 1996 when he opened TeamLine. Today he leverages new technologies to deliver state-of-the-art products through the best team of people providing you with unmatched products and service.

“I have been in the athletic sportswear business for over 40 years. The equipment has gotten so much better. The internet has made business transactions as easy as clinking a button. The idea is to leverage this technology to make ordering teamwear and gear a breeze for coaches, players and parents. That’s what I have always been about. That’s what TeamLine is about.”

– Charles Anderson

Sue Ann Clark left the same manufacturing company and started TeamLine with Charles. She too has been a pioneer in the sports apparel industry, with deep roots in Texas.

“I bring a little different approach to the business, focusing mostly on customer service, production and delivery. I have worked with Charles for over 25 years and we both have a passion for delivering quality goods at a great price. Our focus on quality control and customer service are at the heart of how we conduct business. TeamLine represents that commitment.”

– Sue Ann Clark

TeamLine carries the major sporting goods lines as well as the smaller quality lines. Our primary goal online is to make your ordering process easier, which will save you time and money.