Enthusiastic parents and tee-ball games go hand in hand. The thing is not many parents realize they might be a bit rowdy because there are so many ways you can be.

If you answer yes to any of the questions below you are that parent.

  • Do you only hear your voice during the games?
    It’s ok to be a cheerleader, but too much yelling can lead to distractions on the field.
  • Do you have enough space to swing your arms around?
    This is a sign that people already know you need the space.
  • Do you have multiple coolers around?
    You’re prepared for the long haul when it comes to avoiding dehydration, but it may have people thinking you’re a refrigerator.
  • Are most of the things you’re yelling directions?
    You’re a human GPS that’s simply trying to help the kids out. It’s okay, you can take a break once in awhile. They’ll figure it out.
  • Are you always taking calls?
    It’s not really rowdy support but being on the phone can make you seem uninterested, especially if you’re loud.
  • Does the game usually result in a defense hearing?
    You defend your kids’ actions on every play.
  • Do have a good stash of go-lucky comments?
    That’s okay! Very good game needs a loud and proud positive reinforcer.
  • Is your voice hoarse even though you have not spoken?
    If this is you, you’re probably really invested in the game. We get it; sometimes the plays aren’t worth words.
  • Are you always having a conversation?
    There’s nothing wrong with having a chat, but too much talk can be distracting to the audience.
  • Is something always wrong?
    You want things done right, we get it. But pointing out what’s wrong too often can be too much for the kids in the game.

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