You have two main goals when creating sports shirts and uniforms: creating unique, custom clothing that will showcase your team spirt and staying within your budget. It wasn’t long ago that there were few options to meet both requirements, but, at TeamLine, we’re here to tell you that you really can get everything you want for a price that’s likely less than you think.

At TeamLine we offer screen printing for schools and teams and we even offer a unique design-it-yourself tool that allows you to let your creativity flow. If you’re ready to go today, then hop on over and create your shirts or uniforms, but if creativity isn’t your strong suit, or you simply need some inspiration, we can help with that too.

Start out with more than 50 examples of awesome sports team screen printing.

We love this article from Bleacher Report that features more than 50 awesome jerseys. This is a really unique and helpful list because it doesn’t just focus on one aspect – jerseys with minimal logos or jerseys with lots of design elements – it gives a great overview of all the options out there. We recommend you start with these 50+ to get a better idea of the style you’re after.

See some of the coolest sports shirt screen printing around

GQ also compiled this article with some cool sports shirt screen printing. A lot of their options feature vintage designs that are quite popular with current high school and college athletes. They have a relaxed, distressed look that brings to mind their favorite sports movies and a rugged individualism of the past. There are also some interesting options that feature hilariously-paired famous athletes.

Is there any sport cooler than football?

When the Short List wrote an article on the 40 Coolest Football Kits they weren’t talking about American Football – they’re talking about soccer, the most popular sport in the world. These 40 football/soccer kits offer some unique ideas on sports uniform design that use color in really great ways. We love the bold, simple stripes that immediately showcase a team’s colors. These are generally pretty simple color schemes, but they can serve as inspiration for your own sport shirt printing.

Check out some simple screen printing ideas from yesteryear

We told you vintage was in style, and that’s evidenced even further by Homage’s hip vintage inspired T-shirts. Once again, these are generally pretty simple, but they make a big impact. The shirts are typically created on a solid black or blue background with just a little bit of distress to their color. Then cool graphics are added that showcase a team’s logo or slogan.

Yet another retro option can be found with these shirts from Retrobrand. They take distressed clothing to the next level by adding more involved graphics and more distressing than the other options we’re sharing today. For some sports teams, this would be going too far but that’s the great thing about creating your own shirts – you call the shot!


Are you ready to use this inspiration to create unique athletic shirts and uniforms? At TeamLine, we are here to help! Turn to our experienced company who can provide the unique, high-quality apparel you need at prices to fit your budget.