Teamline is committed to outfitting sports teams in uniforms that will look great even after a long season of use. That commitment requires knowing the important differences of screen printing on polyester blend athletic jerseys in comparison to cotton garments. Here are some of the reasons Teamline is able to consistently deliver sharp looking uniforms for teams.

Keep it cool

An average ink used for screen printing cures at 330°F, which is fine when printing on cotton shirts. Polyester will have dye migration starting at 320°F, however, and will cause the colors to bleed if the temperature is too hot. We avoid running into this problem by using a low cure ink specifically formulated for athletic materials consisting of polyester blends. These inks cure around 280°F which allows the colors to print exactly as intended.

Bleed Block

Using quality plastisol inks becomes even more critical when working with polyester materials because the threshold for bleeding is lower. Keeping the temperatures cool during printing helps prevent any initial bleeding, but without using bleed blocking agents in the ink you run the risk of potentially having bleeds later on. While you can mix in the bleed blocking agents to your ink, we prefer to use inks already formulated specifically for printing on athletic garments. These inks, such as Versamax, let us print on polyester materials with ease and makes sure we deliver the quality we expect of ourselves on every single order.


One of the factors that determine how we print on an athletic jersey is the percentages of secondary materials such as spandex, nylon, and rayon. These play a large factor in how much the fabric will stretch. To account for the fabric stretch we make sure to use inks which include a stretch additive for all athletic garments. On materials that are intended to be stretched while worn such as compression gear, we will actually run the print while the material is slightly stretched on the palette. When we stretch it out, it lets the print look the way it was intended when the compression material is worn.


Teamline is proud to help local and national teams look great while they compete. Part of the service we believe in is doing our part as a business to keep our costs low so we can outfit teams affordably. Because Teamline is an established purchaser we negotiate great prices with our suppliers yearly based on the volume of work we do and we pass those savings directly on to our customers. The specialty inks we use give us excellent quality assurance so we avoid printing errors. Finally, our expert screen printing team understands how to work with these materials so we can make sure we deliver your order on time.

If you have any questions on our printing process or would like to see if Teamline can outfit your team, we would love to hear from you.