Your booster club does great work for school sports and special events, but it can be challenging to ensure that parents know how to support it. Fundraising is one of the easiest options, but what type of fundraiser will yield the best results? Here are a few unique ways to raise awareness and money for your child’s school.

Sell Custom Tee Shirts

What better way to raise money and awareness at the same time than by selling spirit shirts in Irving? Not only will you be making money with every sale; every time someone wears a shirt, they’re promoting the school. TeamLine makes it easy for you by providing school shirt printing in Irving, TX to meet any and every need. Reach out to us today or use our simple and handy online design tools to get started!

Sell a Product

This is one of the simplest and well-known ideas. Whether you decide to sell candy, magazines, scratch cards or other products, be sure that they are something that will actually be used. For example, everyday foods such as cookie dough, fruit, popcorn and other treats are becoming increasingly popular choices. You will find plenty of people who will want to help your club and will buy whatever’s for sale, but others in the community are only going to be motivated by items they’re actually interested in.

Sell an Experience

Raffles and auctions are a great way to give community members access to an experience and raise awareness for your booster club. For example, perhaps a celebrity would be willing to have lunch with the winner. You could have a local company donate an experience too, such as a horseback riding trip or a spa day, something that the community would be willing to pay for.

Sell a Service

Car washes are popular for booster club fundraising, but there are other services you can sell too, like lawn mowing, babysitting during sports matches or even housecleaning. Get creative with your team and come up with unique ways to give back to the community while also making money.
TeamLine is a supporter of booster club fundraising, we look forward to helping you find the best way to support your club.