Whether it’s simply too chilly or rain is coming down in torrents, it’s important for P.E. coaches to always be ready with a few indoor games for their classes. Here are some that kids love.

Through the Hoop

In this game, start by splitting your class into groups of 10 to 15 and have each group form a circle. Give each group a hoop and tell the students to hold hands. Then place the hula hoop over the arms of a pair of the players in each group.

The class then must step through the hoop. Sound easy? Here’s the catch: They’re not allowed to unlink their hands. This activity teaches team building, creativity and problem solving.

Balls Galore

This is a great game to give kids some exercise while teaching strategy, teamwork and cooperation. For this game, every team has a person whose job is to hold tennis balls. Every other player on their team is a “stuffer.”

There are three main rules. Stuffers can put the tennis balls in pockets or otherwise inside clothes, the balls can’t be touched by other objects, and the ball must be held for 15 seconds to count.

The goal is to keep as many balls off the floor as possible.


Have your kids lie on the floor and tell them that they must put their legs and feet up on the wall. Then grab an exercise ball and instruct the kids to keep the ball on the wall with their feet.

The moment a student manages to pass the ball to the student next to them, they have to get up, go to the end of the line, and keep the ball moving across the entire perimeter of the wall.

This one gets more exciting as time goes on and the ball is moving faster.

Cats and mice

To get started, selected two or more students to act as cats. The rest of the students will be mice. Each of the mice will have a flag tucked into the waistband of their shorts. They then run from the cats, who try to pull out their tail (flag).

Whichever cat gets more tails is the winner.

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