Who says only pro athletes should be the only ones to get cool sports uniforms? We think that some of our local high school football teams look just as stylish as the pros. Below are some of the coolest uniforms around town:

1. Irving High School Tigers

With bold black jerseys, stunning gold pants and a gold and black helmet to match, the Irving High School Tigers have some truly unique and interesting uniforms.

2. MacArthur High School

What we love most about the MacArthur High School football uniforms isn’t the cool color scheme of bright red and simple white, though we do love that, but the logo placement on the hip.

3. Nimitz High School Cougars

What’s not to love with these unique uniform pants? Blue on the front, with a bold yellow stripe, coupled with a blue jersey and a yellow number, this is a uniform that’s sure to catch the eye of any opponent.

4. Port Neches Groves Indians


Purple and gray is always a sharp combo but it really comes to life with the white stripes mixed in.

5. Waxahachie Indians


The grey jersey and grey pants may seem simple at first, but once you get a closer look at the unique headdress helmets, it’s easy to see some care was taken in creating these uniforms.

6. Odessa Permian Panthers


Their uniforms may be classic, but black and white is one of the standards for a reason, it looks great!

7. Lake Travis Cavaliers


The all grey color scheme, except for occasional bursts of red, makes for a unique and eye-catching sports uniform.

8. Allen Eagles


Some uniforms look like they could be worn by the pros and the Allen Eagles are one example. We love the bold orange belts.

9. Friendswood Mustangs


The crisp white on white is a great color, no way around it, but you have to wonder who’s doing the laundry!

10. Belton Tigers


Whether you love or hate the unique camouflage uniform of the Belton Tigers, you have to admit you haven’t seen it anywhere else!

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